Bio: Richard Wile

Like all of us seasoned citizens, I expect, I’ve had a number of what Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, and others call “false selves.” In high school, I was—and remain so to those classmates 50 years later—Ricky. For reasons I’m too embarrassed to talk about, I was “Froggie” during my two years fighting forest fires in Idaho. For thirty years, I was “Mr. Wile” (aka. “Wiley Coyote”), high school English Teacher. For another fifteen years, I was Rick, the college adjunct and writing tutor. Then I stayed Rick and got an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Writing Program. I’ve been Honey and You Bastard and I’ve been Dad. These days I’m called Grampa by John, Anastasia, Beatrix and Ada.

Writing as Richard Wile, I’ve published essays in numerous magazines and journals, including Sojourners, the Christian Century, Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, Under the Sun, and Relief: A Christian Literary Expression. My book reviews have appeared in Fourth Genre and Prairie Schooner. My novel, Requiem in Stones, was published in 2016, and my latest collection of memoirs, The Geriatric Pilgrim: Tales from the Journey in 2022, both by Maine Authors Publishing Cooperative.

In the meantime, I play clawhammer banjo in old-time jam sessions.

4 thoughts on “Bio: Richard Wile

  1. Got in touch with you a few years ago. Just checking in again on a few names from my earlier high school years. Thanks once more for the two years of English classes. (Have re-read The Black Arrow and Death of a Salesman…can Ivanhoe be far behind?) Am thinking of taking an online creative writing course, just to see if I actually have a decent novel or short story in me. Maybe that’s the direction I should have taken years ago, but life’s worked out pretty well having gone in the direction of social science.

    Best wishes once again.

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  2. Regarding your Claude mirror image, I made that image, as I did the mirror. It most certainly is tinted, in fact it’s opaque black and 18” across. The view is of the River Wye from an 18th c viewing station known as The Eagle’s Nest. Just FYI. Cheers Alex McKay

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